Conversion Optimization Case Studies: What I’ve Learn as a Graphics Designer

  1. Keep you design updated. Updated designs boost your conversion.
  2. Adding a picture of a person increases high rise Signups.
  3. Make the Call to Action more prominent. Make the call to action more obvious than any other elements. Example, by enlarging the CTA or putting in on the content section.
  4. Designing/re-designing the pricing table/page.
  5. Add testimonials section.
  6. Change your button into color red.
  7. Image slider outperforms video.
  8. Removing/adding filter/filter navigation on an eCommerce site.
  9. Bigger button makes bigger conversion rate.
  10. Short landing page increases Signups.
  11. Bigger product images increases sales.
  12. Video increases/improves email signups.
  13. Below-the-fold CTAs outperforms Above-the-fold CTAs.
  14. Changing copies on buttons.
  15. Red links convert better than blue links.
  16. Adding phone number to the homepage increases Signups.
  17. Making features bullet-pointed increases membership Signups.

Designing A Landing Page: For Graphic Designers

Use color orange as color for your call to action and form buttons (belcher button). It is highly proven that most users often click orange buttons according to Digital Marketer’s 43 split test.

Use blue backgrounds. Blue and brown colors give a trusting feeling towards user.

Put your Opt-in form above the fold.

Also put a Call to action below the fold.

Use clear images to indicate what you are trying to sell.

Use san serif fonts because of it’s readability compare to serif fonts.

Use subtle arrows to draw the user’s attention to the opt-in forms.

Don’t use tiled backgrounds. It’s a NO-NO.

Contrasting button colors. The color of your button should be contrasting to the color of it’s background to grab the users attention that will increase rate of users to click the button.

Put horizontal opt-­in bar across the page.