By default, W3 Total cache plugin does not provide any option to move CSS files to footer. It places the CSS files at the top of the page which results in render blocking the page. When we test the site on Pagespeed Insights, you will get the suggestion to remove the render blocking CSS and JS files.

Move W3 Total Cache CSS to Footer
Using the W3 Total Cache tag, we can easily move CSS and JS files to the footer by adding following code:

<!-- W3TC-include-css -->

Put above code before wp_footer(), so that our CSS to be loaded prior to our JavaScript files. This will move all Combined and Minified CSS Files to the footer.

Move W3 Total Cache JS to Footer
We can move JS files created by W3 Total Cache easily by choosing manual minify. This is to move JS files by inserting following code to the footer before the closing tag.

<!-- W3TC-include-js-head -->