All pages of a website must have unique Meta tags.

a. Focus Keywords

To get the best keyword, go to https://www.semrush.com/, enter seed keyword and look for these criterias –  ideally, must have high volume or searches per month but with very low competition.

Website : http://new.a1garage.com/
Seed Keyword : Garage door service

Look for the results under Keyword Analytics – Phrase Match and Related Keywords. Sample results under Phrase Match:

garage sample

Best keyword to use is “garage door repair service”, because it has decent monthly searches in its niche but with low competition.

b. Meta Title

  • One of the most important on-page elements, so remember to use the keywords (result from Semrush) in it. The focus keyword should appear in the SEO title.
  • Because the title text is usually the most prominent part of your page displayed in search results, make it click-enticing and appealing to human searchers.
  • Must not exceed 55 characters

c. Meta Description

  • When rewriting your meta description, make sure that its length doesn’t exceed 155 characters with spaces.
  • Make your meta description both keyword-rich and appealing to human searchers.


Ideally, the focus keyword should appear in the URL of the page.