The Senior Dev Team

  • Ken Detruz – Operations Manager / Front-End
  • Jen Panoso – Server, Plugins and 3 Party applications
  • Christian Paja – Backend Developer
  • Jaztin Jaurigue – Graphics Desings

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Each members must have the ability to influence and set good example to others.
  2. The position is not permanent to anyone in Senior Dev Team. The positions are open to anyone on the team as long as they has the Unique Ability and strongly posses the core values of our team

Day to Day Responsibilities:

Here’s the goal. You have to figure out how to accomplished these, either on your own or with others’ help.

  1. Tasks delegations.
  2. Handling challenging and critical tasks.
  3. Make sure that each member of his/her team always update Basecamp from time to time regarding your progress or after they accomplished each tasks. Remind them that if they stuck for about 30 minutes, inform you so that you can help them.
  4. If a task will take lots of time to finish, minimum of 3 hrs is required before stop working on the project.
  5. Assure that the Basic Rules and Regulation are properly observed by his team mates.
  6. Assure that your team will finish all the Daily Tasks with high quality output.. QC structure must be properly implemented on their team:
    • Partner – Initial QC
    • Senior dev – Double check
    • Andrei – Final QC

Basic Management Training:

Please listen and study the book – The New One Minute Manager.

Senior Dev Team Requirements:

a. Daily

  • Daily Huddles
  • Assure that Daily Tasks are properly done and quality checked.
  • Assure that the selected team members are studying the Kaizen program.

b. Weekly

  • Weekly Scorecards (Every Wednesday before 4:30pm)
  • Attend the Level 10 Meeting
  • Departmental Meeting

c. Every 10th Day of Each Month

  • Update the Individual Profile Sheets
  • Update the portfolio section on AI site

c. Every 25th Day of Each Month

  • Update atleast one blogpost on AI Site

e. Operations Manager:

  • Evaluation Summary every 10th and 25th day of each month
  • List of members that are entitled to rice benefits every 15th of each month
  • Assure that Senior Developer are doing their tasks and updated the Scorecards, individual sheets and AI Site.