SOP For Server Tasks, Plugins and Other 3rd Party Apps

Must Have Plugins – Check here


  • Create a backup of the site before you proceed in updating wordpress corefiles, plugins and/or theme
  • Always check the Theme feature first before using a plugin/Use the theme’s functionality instead of plugin
  • If you are confused on which free plugin to choose, always check the plugin star ratings, user reviews and feedback of the plugin
  • Always check the compatibility of the Theme and plugins, plugin may be functional on one part but it can also ruin other part of the site
  • Double check duplicate functionality plugins
  • Clear website cache when edits are done
  • Always check the site when logged out
  • Always reset permalinks after website transfer
  • Do not use personal email account in testing the forms
  • Delete all the test entries from the forms
  • Do not edit core files of the plugins
  • Do not use resources from another tasks/clients such as license, 3rd party account etc
  • Always update WordPress corefiles, Themes and plugins after moving site to live
  • Use Autoptimize plugin when optimizing sites hosted in WPEngine