Step 1
Download and save the Linux (x86) ionCube Loader in zip format from the ionCube site to the Desktop of your own computer.
Step 2
Uncompress the .zip file by right-clicking the file and selecting Extract All.
Step 3
After extraction, you should be left with an ioncube folder. We will upload this folder later. Continue with the next steps.
Step 4
Launch a basic text editor such as Notepad and copy and paste the code below into it:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>
Step 5
Using an FTP program, upload only the phpinfo.php file to the folder that contains the ionCube PHP Encoded files.

Please reference our FTP section of the 1&1 Help Center for more help if necessary.

Step 6
Next, access the phpinfo.php page from the browser on your computer (such as Mozilla Firefox) using a URL that points to the folder containing your ionCube PHP Encoded files and the phpinfo.php page. http://s123456789.onlinehome.us/phpinfo.php
Step 7
First check the version of PHP being used at the top of the screen. Write down the version on a piece of paper.
Step 8
Now, scroll down the page until you see the Environment heading. Highlight the value ofDOCUMENT_ROOT.
Step 9
Open your text editor again to create a new text document and copy and paste theDOCUMENT_ROOT value into it.
Step 10
Now add the text /ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_4.4.so to the end of the line. You may need to replace the version number to match the version of PHP you are running. For instance, if the version of PHP you are using is 5.2.13, you would change the text to 5.2.
Step 11
At the beginning of the line, add the text zend_extension=
Step 12
Save the file to your desktop as php.ini
Step 13
Using an FTP program…

  • Upload the php.ini file to the folder than contains your ionCube PHP Encoded files and phpinfo.php page.
  • Upload the ioncube/ folder to the root of your webspace. Do not upload the ioncube/folder to a subfolder in your webspace.
Step 14
Access the phpinfo.php page again and you should now see that the ionCube Loader has been installed as is recognized by PHP.
Step 15
Since the settings defined in the php.ini file only apply to the folder where it is saved (which should be the same folder as your ionCube encoded files and phpinfo.php page), it is now necessary to upload the php.ini file to any additional subfolders that contain files which require the ionCube Loader.