Summary of the video:

Keep in mind that your homepage is the window to your brand so it really needs to pop.

Oftentimes it’s one of, if not, the most trafficked webpage that you have on your website. It is the starting point for where people try and understand your brand, your company and what you do.

Your homepage should:

  • function as the table of contents of your website. When somebody goes to your website they can see that you’ve got on your website.
  • have some engagement media with call to action
  • have content silos
  • scrollable
  • connects to the main offer
  • define your role
  • footer (miscellaneous section)

Tips for improving designs:

  • Master and always practice design principles like golden ratio, rule of thirds and others.
  • Maintain a great collection of good typography combinations. Always take ample time on typography. Great designers took hours or time to perfect it, not just minutes or just do random typesettings
  • Follow and “See First” social media accounts of graphics designers that can motivate and inspire you.

Process in Designing a great website mock design