1. GitHub Basics and Source Control Basic

Command lines for Mac:

  • cd – Change directory
  • cd .. – up directory
  • cd <directory name> – go to directory named <directory name>
  • ls – will show listing of all files in your current directory
  • git clone <https URL> – to copy the files in the directory
  • git status – will give us update what is the difference between local files and files in GitHub repository
  • git add <filename> – add <filename> to the project
  • git commit – means we are locking it in to the repository
    • -m “<message> – to add comments or notes
  • git push –  to upload the files to GitHub repository
  • git pull – pull the updated files from Github repository
  • git add -A – to add all files new files, changes and removed files (should be follow that up with git commit and git push)
  • <escape key>:wq – combination key to back to normal command line if you accidentally enter git commit without a message.

2. GitHub pull request, Branching, Merging & Team Workflow

Command lines:

  • git branch – to display the projects branches
  • git branch <new-branch-name> – to create new branch of the master branch. It will have the complete copy of the master branch
  • git checkout <new-branch-name> – to make code changes on the branch without making any changes on the master branch
  • git push –set-upstream origin<new-branch-name> – to create the newly created branch to GitHub repository