This feature of Adobe Photoshop CC will sure bring you ease of exporting multiple images in a single document without using the Slice tool.

All you have to do is rename every single image into something like “banner-image.jpg” or “banner-image.png” in able to generate image assets in file formats like JPG or PNG depending on what you have specified in the layer name.


First, rename the image layers into something like in the shown image above. Specifiy what image file format you want to export that certain image by adding “.jpg” or “.png” at the end of the layer name as the file extension.

Then go to ‘File’ menu then select ‘Generate’ then select ‘Image Assets’.


If the Photoshop document where the images are placed is not yet saved, the images will be exported/generated in Desktop inside a folder. Or if the Photoshop document has already been save, the images will be saved in a folder inside the same location folder of your Photoshop document.

And that is how easy to export images without using the Slice tool. Very helpful to the web developers who will be converting a PSD file into an HTML.