• Linux hosting platform (64 bit)
  • Apache 2.2+ server
  • mySQL 5.1+
  • PHP 5.3+ (64 bit)
  • WordPress 4.0+
  • suexec or SuPHP
  • PHP exec() function enabled


  • Go to WordPress > Plugins ->  Add New > Upload
  • Upload the BackupBuddy plugin zip file
  • Activate the plugin


  • Go to the Settings > General Settings and set ImportBuddy password
  • Scroll down to Local Archive Storage Limits then set the age limit number of backups to 150 days
  • Keep 4 full backups and 30 database backup
  • On Schedules Settings, schedule weekly complete backup and daily database backup

Site Migration

  1. Download the backup file & importbuddy.php: Navigate to BackupBuddy > Restore/Migrate in your dashboard and download the backup file you’d like to use for the migration and a copy of the ImportBuddy script.
  2. Upload the backup and a copy of your Importbuddy file to your chosen directory via FTP
  3. Navigate to the uploaded ImportBuddy URL: http://domain.com/importbuddy.php
  4. You’ll be prompted to Enter your ImportBuddy password to continue.
  5. Create database for the site migration
  6. Enter the database settings for the new location