Graphics Design: SEO-Optimized Design Report

Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V this to your report if you designed the mock according to the A/B test or 43 Split Test, thanks! 🙂

I design the page based on the A/B testing or Split testing results from Digital Marketer (43 SPLIT TESTS THAT [ALMOST] ALWAYS BOOST CONVERSIONS)

1. Opt-in form above the fold can boost convertion rate.
2. Call to action below the fold.
3. Usage of san serif fonts because of it’s readability compare to serif fonts.
4. Usage of arrows/subtle arrow to draw the user’s attention to the opt-in forms.
5. Horizontal opt-­in bar across the page.
6. Contrasting button colors. The color of your button should be contrasting to the color of it’s background to grab the users attention that will increase rate of users to click the button.
7. Color orange as color for your call to action and form buttons (belcher button). It is highly proven that most users often click orange buttons according to Digital Marketer’s 43 split test.
8. Also videos (testimonial video, advertising video, etc.) can boost convertion.
9. Use blue background can increase customer/user’s trust. Blue belongs to the colors which boosts trust.
10. Use red/blue color in the links can increase/boost user action.
11. Use images of people can also gain/boost trust of the customer who visits your website/landing page.
12. Use bullet points to list benefits, features, etc. under a header text.

Basecamp link (for easy access): https://goo.gl/Jxz2nw

SEO Concerns on Site redesign and migration issues

  1. Backup the existing site using migration plugin (Backup Buddy)
  2. Deploy a copy of the site on a dev site (sudomain – recommended)
  3. Clean up the site (remove all unnecessary themes / plugin)
  4. Check all the broken links using Broken Link Checker
  5. Check the Theme files for analytics codes (Google Analytics / any other tracking codes)
  6. Activate new theme to the dev site
  7. Use plugin to add the trackings code found on the old Theme
  8. Do all the edits for the redesign
  9. Double the site edits
  10. Deploy the dev site to live site
  11. Check Google Console then resubmit Sitemap
  12. Submit URL removal request to all the broken links found on #3
  • If domain name was changed, inform Google using the change of address tool

SEO Cheat Notes

Keywords Research

Searching for the Right Keywords
When we’re starting our keyword research, the two crucial factors to look at are keyword demand (aka number of searches) and competition. The former is the number of times the keyword is searched for monthly, and the latter is the number of sites competing for the term in search engines’ listings. Safari SEO Agency Manchester suggest that the key to effective keyword research is understanding which keywords to choose based on keyword competition and the strength of the competing domains. For new websites, their time may be better spent targeting keywords with mid to low search volume due to lower domain ranking strength and therefore a higher potential to attract traffic for these kinds of keywords.

If we are just starting out on the web with our website, we’ll probably want to remove all keywords with extreme competition values — at least for now. With millions of sites competing for rankings for a given keyword already, it’ll take you a good while to rank high for the term

Seed keywords
terms that will be used as base keywords in your keyword research. (more…)

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress

1. Plugins Method (Recommended)

There are tons of plugins available to add Google Analytics to your site. However, it is probably best to just use a simple light-weight plugin like:
Insert Header and Footer

Paste the Google Analytics code in the plugin’s setting page.

2. Direct Paste Method

Copy the code that you received, and paste it in your theme’s header.php right after the <body> tag.

3. Functions.php Method

Add the following code in your theme’s functions.php file

add_action('wp_footer', 'add_googleanalytics');
function add_googleanalytics() { ?&gt;
// Paste your Google Analytics code
&lt;?php }

How To Fix Duplicate Meta Title for Archive Pages?

Just use Yoast and add %%page%% to the Archive title, and it will add the page number, therefore removing the duplicate title tag issue as nothing will be the same, or

remember to also add %%sep%% so it adds a seperator, so example:

%%term_title%% %%sep%% %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%

would appear as: category name – Page 2 of 50 – domain name

of course, domain name and the final separator are optional.

Our SEO Strategy


  1. Full website audit – Jov
  2. Track the rank of the website – Jov
  3. Keywords research – Jov
  4. Provide suggestions to client based on the researched keywords. – Jov
  5. Fill up this form – https://goo.gl/g4H0o3 (“Info Sheet” tab) – Jov
  6. Technical website optimization – Backend
  7. Off-site optimization – SP3
  8. Do all the tasks on the “SEO Process” tab on the sheet https://goo.gl/kYW5kF. – Jov, Backend, SP3
  9. Spy on your competitors – Jov
  10. Generate quality backlinks – Jov
  11. Send Monthly SEO progress report to client – Jov