Complete Setup of Yoast SEO


  • PHP version 7 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater


  • Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  • Search for ‘Yoast SEO’
  • Activate Yoast SEO from your Plugins page
  • Go to Tools and import this file to the Yoast SEO settings – https://goo.gl/NDYU8h
  • Go to General > Open the configuration wizard
  • Fill in the required information
    • I. General > Your Info
      • Website Name
      • Company or person
    • II. General > Webmaster Tools
      • Bing Webmaster Tools
      • Google Search Console
    • III. Social > Accounts
      • Facebook Page URL
      • LinkedIn URL
      • Google+ URL
    • *If not available ask the clients in notes or offer to create it for them


  • For Google Analytics Code, DO NOT EDIT header.php.
  • Google Analytics code should be installed through Yoast plugin.

Useful Addon plugins

Meta Tags

All pages of a website must have unique Meta tags.

a. Focus Keywords

To get the best keyword, go to https://www.semrush.com/, enter seed keyword and look for these criterias –  ideally, must have high volume or searches per month but with very low competition.

Website : http://new.a1garage.com/
Seed Keyword : Garage door service

Look for the results under Keyword Analytics – Phrase Match and Related Keywords. Sample results under Phrase Match:

garage sample

Best keyword to use is “garage door repair service”, because it has decent monthly searches in its niche but with low competition.

b. Meta Title

  • One of the most important on-page elements, so remember to use the keywords (result from Semrush) in it. The focus keyword should appear in the SEO title.
  • Because the title text is usually the most prominent part of your page displayed in search results, make it click-enticing and appealing to human searchers.
  • Must not exceed 55 characters

c. Meta Description

  • When rewriting your meta description, make sure that its length doesn’t exceed 155 characters with spaces.
  • Make your meta description both keyword-rich and appealing to human searchers.


Ideally, the focus keyword should appear in the URL of the page.

Requirements for SEO Optimized Articles

To have an SEO Optimized article, it should have the following criteria:

A. Title

a. Keywords in the title

The title tag is considered one of the most important on-page elements, so remember to use keywords in it. For higher rankings, place important keywords towards the beginning of your title.

Because the title text is usually the most prominent part of your page displayed in search results, make it click-enticing and appealing to human searchers. One leading Melbourne SEO company suggests that a common mistake that marketers make is that they prioritise keyword usage, over CTR potential. The focus needs to be on creating a title that effectively uses keywords, while also appealing to the user.

b. Title Length

The title tag is one of the most important on-page elements, so give it particular attention.

Not only do search engines consider the title to understand what your page is about, but they also show it to users in search results. Hence, it’s important that your title is both keyword-richand appealing to human searchers. For higher rankings, place your keyword(s) towards the beginning of the title.

Also try to keep title tags relatively short, as titles that exceed 55 characters may get truncated by search engines. Besides, titles that are too long, too short (e.g., single-word titles) orunrelated to the page’s content may get overwritten by search engines. (more…)

Basic SEO Site Setup

A. Silo Structure


B. Meta Optimization

  • Not important on supporting pages
  • On ranking page this is absolutely key

Choosing Title, Url and Description:

To avoid over optimization, you need to spread out the words from Keyword, Long Tail and Synonym to Title, URL and Description.

Example #1:

Keyword : Online Guitar Lessons
Long Tail : best online guitar lesson, Beginner Online guitar Lesson, Electric online Guitar Lesson, Top Online Guitar Lesson
Synonym : Top Online guitar training

Title : Best Beginner Online Guitar Lesson
URL : shredsource.net/acoustic-online-guitar-training
Description : Get the top electric lessons online and see our lesson reviews (more…)

A handy note for this course: Landing Page Design Principles

A landing page shouldn’t have a menu or navigation.
A landing page’s purpose is to collect visitor information and take action.

A landing page shouldn’t have a bunch of links or quick links.

—-Landing Page Structure——


1. Main Statement:

-Summary of your product (consist of main headline, subheadline or maybe with a closing argument).

2. Images, Videos and 3. Benefits:
-Use images and videos that show your product.

-List the benefits of using your product or services with direct and clear approach.

4. Social Proof:
building trust in the visitor
-by using testimonials
-by using trust seals
-by providing customer count

-press coverage

5. Call to Action:

Should be visible, clear and easy to interact with.


Message matching – what the visitors see in the ad should match what’s on your landing page.

Put some freebies when asking for a name and email in a call to action. Return in something for that. Or even a free trial will do but still with a quality.


Simple Layout.
The statement (strong) should be visible the moment you land on a page (can be achieve by large font size, font weight and good contrast).

Call-to-action should be visible and bold.


Things to avoid:
1. Fake customer testimonials.
2. Watermarked photos.
3. Broken forms.


(or follow up to keep in touch with your customers/audience)

create a thank you page.


A/B Testing:

Getting the best results by creating versions of a page.

Tools: Crazy Egg and Optimizely