Notes for creating mock design using Divi Theme Grid System:

1. If not necessary, don’t use fonts that are not google fonts. As much as possible, use google fonts only.
2. If your are not sure if your design is possible to be created using Divi Theme, please feel free to ask to our Backend Developers so that we can avoid any further problems.
3. Always check your design to be grid optimized, meaning you should check if the elements of your design are fit/aligned to the grid.
4. Use the Divi Theme Grid System we provided to you just to make sure you are using the right measurement for the grids.
5. If you’re having trouble on doing proper or good spacing you can just use the default spacing of the Divi Theme. You can check it on their website http://www.elegantthemes.com/preview/Divi/ Just screenshot the website then paste it on photoshop then measure it using marquee tool. Default spacing of Divi Theme is very good in any aspect.