A. Silo Structure


B. Meta Optimization

  • Not important on supporting pages
  • On ranking page this is absolutely key

Choosing Title, Url and Description:

To avoid over optimization, you need to spread out the words from Keyword, Long Tail and Synonym to Title, URL and Description.

Example #1:

Keyword : Online Guitar Lessons
Long Tail : best online guitar lesson, Beginner Online guitar Lesson, Electric online Guitar Lesson, Top Online Guitar Lesson
Synonym : Top Online guitar training

Title : Best Beginner Online Guitar Lesson
URL : shredsource.net/acoustic-online-guitar-training
Description : Get the top electric lessons online and see our lesson reviews

Example #2:

Keyword : Hypertension Guidelines
Long Tail : best Hypertension Guidelines, African American Hypertension Guidelines, Diet Hypertension Guidelines
Synonym : Hypertension Tips, Hypertension education, high blood pressure guide

Title : Best Hypertension Diet Guidelines for African Americans
URL : shredsource.net/guidelines-for-hypertension-and-high-bloodpressure
Description : Find out the top diet guidelines for high bloodpressure

C. Keys to Good Pages

Articles should have:

  • 500-1000 word article
  • Relevant Youtube Video
  • Links to authority site
  • relevant keyword packing provided by Jov should be included in the articles
  • Target keyword(s) should be present in the page’s H1 text.
  • The keyword should also found in H2-H6, Bold, Italic and Link anchor.
  • Images related to the article.
  • ALT tag for the images
  • Articles should have link to relevant Youtube Videos
  • Article should have link to authority sites

D. Basic Plugin and Themes

  • Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Use any decent theme but the base theme