Applying the same action manually to a bunch of files maybe time consuming for you and you may feel bored doing the same thing over and over among bunch of files.

But there is an easy way to do that mostly when you are resizing images with same proportions or applying a certain effect/layer style in a bunch of files.

By going to the Menu, File>Automate>Batch.


By selecting Batch Files, you can apply the same action in a bunch of files inside a folder or can be opened files inside photoshop or inside the bridge.

Then it will autmomatically do the same action over and over among the files inside the specified location or folder.


After selecting the [Batch…] option, a pop up dialog will come to appear like the above shown in the image.

You can select the action you’ve created inside the Photoshop. Then you can specify the specific location/folder you want to apply the specified action then after setting some options, tadah! The Photoshop will automatically apply the specified action.