Adobe Photoshop had so many features, shortcuts, etc. But this trick that I’ll show you maybe isn’t very known to all of us because it is unlikely being often use by the other users.

Maybe it will help you in your workflow so I guess I’ll show you 🙂

First, you must have an open canvass to do this trick. If you don’t have yet, just be sure to create one.

Then pick ‘Color Picker’ at the tool bar menu.

Then resize your Photoshop window to make it smaller. Resize it according to your preference. We need to resize it so we can see the portion of the background behind Photoshop app window. In my case the background behind my Adobe Photoshop window is my Google Chrome browser.

Then with the color picker tool selected, click on the canvass then hold+drag going outside the Adobe Photoshop window, point your color picker cursor to the color you want to pick/select. As you can see, a big circle near the picker will appear and will show the color which the picker is pointed at. If you can’t see the circle in your case, you can notice that the foreground color that is active at the bottom of your toolbar updates every time you move your cursor/picker to another color.

I hope this trick will help you a lot and can improve the way you work inside Adobe Photoshop. Thank you! 🙂