This Adobe Photoshop’s feature is often ignored by many of us who’s using Photoshop.

But this Layer Kind Filter is kind of very useful when it comes to enhancing the speed of our workflow inside Photoshop.

Layer Kind Filter literally will help you to filter layers according to their kind. It might be type layers? smart objects? adjustment layers? shapes? pixels? or by color? If you don’t get what I am saying, i will show below where you can find them inside the Photoshop…


There are 2 options to filter layer types. As shown above, the first way to filter layers is by clicking on the ‘Kind’ with search icon then a dropdown will appear bringing different options.

You can filter them by name, effect, mode, attribute, color, smart object and selected.

The other way of filtering layers have 5 options. By pixel, by adjustment layers, by text/type, by shape or by smart object.

it will be very useful when you have tons of layers and having a hard time finding them one by one. It will really help you on your workflow once you’ve got to learn how to use the filter for layers.