Layer comps is one of the useful features of Adobe Photoshop. Layer comps can be very useful especially when you want to create different versions from a design save in a single file.

Sometimes we create different variation from the very first version of our design but with similarities so we tend to save those different designs inside a single file. We turn on/turn off layers to view those different layers back and forth that may consume time finding layers which are and which is to turn on/off.

Maybe you’re not aware of the function of Layer comps. It can be very helpful to you when doing such things.


Under the Window menu, you can find Layer comps. After selecting Layer comps, a pop up dialog will appear.

By clicking the ‘Create new layer comp’ icon at the bottom of the dialog, you can create Layer comp as many as you want. Turn on the layers you want to be visible, then select ‘Create new layer comp’.

You can rename that specific Layer comp in order to give sense what this Layer comp is. For example, version 1 or for example you are creating different color scheme, you can give a name related to that version, blue color scheme, red color scheme, etc.