Wordfence Security Basic Installation

Step 1: Wordfence Installation

  • Install Wordfence Security automatically or by uploading the ZIP file.
  • Activate the security plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Wordfence WordPress Security is now activated.

Step 2: Wordfence Default Configuration

  • Go to Wordfence > Options
  • Add the Wordfence Token to import Wordfence default settings (see below)
  • Click Import Settings button

Screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/tepGKJQYOl

Step 3: Wordfence Scan

  • Go to Wordfence > Scan
  • Click Start a Wordfence Scan button
  • Fix the issues
  • Make sure that no more issues on the site

Screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/ld0fOMynCP | http://screencast.com/t/cf7ihyZY4

Wordfence Token: 784162a067cc4876c8e590c97e6e07f09290275de4b7ca93209b72e9bd6899a066feca1ec70089ebe5ec128712019ccf8f337e11c8a54343b2cc22f395ba28ab

Optimize Website

  • Install Autoptimize plugin.
  • Install WP Smush plugin.
  • Install Scripts to Footer plugin.
  • Install W3 Total Cache plugin.
  • Configure Autoptimize plugin.
  • Optimize HTML, Javascript, and CSS using Autoptimize plugin.
  • Optimize images using WP Smush plugin.
  • Set the scripts to be kept on the header.
  • Configure W3 Total Cache plugin.
  • Enable Browser Cache.
  • Enable Page Cache.
  • Set expire headers.
  • Check again the site using GTMetrix